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What We Believe

Na Ohana No Na Kau A Kau "families are forever"

We believe in quality food and atmosphere that nourishes the community: both stomach and heart. We aim to provide a place that people can get onolicious (super good) food in a relaxed setting.

Our mission is to serve the best Polynesian comfort food, in an enjoyable atmosphere for customers and employees. It's a popular place to meet friends and enjoy good, affordable food. Perfect for the business lunch crowd, families, and students.

In an effort to be a responsbile, active participant in the local community, we intend to locally source our produce to support the local agricultural economy. Baltimore County presents opportunities for expanding the Taste of Aloha’s menu options by sourcing as much produce locally as possible. A variety of produce are in abundance locally on a seasonal basis.

About Chef Robert Alcain

My true passion is cooking, whether for customers at my restaurant or for friends and family. Families are not only our kin but also the families we make…with our friends, neighbors, and community. I've been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years…doing everything from busser to executive chef.



Over the past year, I've come to realize that EVERYTHING Chef Robert makes is no ka oi (there simply is nothing better on the East Coast and perhaps the mainland) and NOT TO BE MISSED!”

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