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imgBah, the meanest Hawaiian food I've ever tasted. Literally like stepping back into Keolu for a Hawaiian plate at food company. But food company has nothing on this place! This place blows all competition out of the water. I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. — Cheyne V.

img...Taste of Aloha reminds me of R&R Taqueria. It's a guy who wants to cook authentic food.  Bare-bones seating.  A short menu that changes with the ingredients.  And a real focus on making things from scratch. ...  This is a casual place with a one-man kitchen.  But Taste of Aloha is really worth checking out because they're making an effort to do something special.  Plus, it's a unique menu that will give you a little taste of the islands without even driving to BWI. read more — HowChow blog

imgHad some local grindz today. Took me back to Maui. Some Ahi Poke. Spicy beef. Teri pork. Rice and Mac salad. And of course some musubi. The Kalua pork was bomb too. Will definitely be at this place all the time. Was sooo good. — Lauren W.

imgLOVE this place!!! The first time I ate here, I knew I wanted to host my birthday dinner here. The food was SOOO ono, and Robert and his crew were very accomodating! Appreciate their island hospitality and will definitely be a regular! HIGHLY recommended! — JV W.

imgLiterally, genuinely, and honestly, in my humblest of opinions, there's no need to go out for Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Pacific Rim, Chinese cuisines, and the like. Chef Robert, like the melting pot of Hawaii, selectively culls the best of the best of each culture's cuisines and ecclectically renders them into an experience that evokes tremendous smiles, rubbing of bellies, collective groans and moans of pleasure and delight. — Frank B.

imgAwesome, authentic Hawaiian food.  I grew up on this food and it's so nice to finally have a local restaurant to go to when I get my cravings for "home" food but don't feel like cooking. — Mabel T.

imgWe love Taste of Aloha!  Every dish is perfectly prepared, and the seafood is very fresh. A couple of our favorites are Shoyu Poke, Kalua Pig and Ponzu Salmon. Chef Robert’s desserts are also delicious – perfect end to a fabulous meal. My family and friends really look forward to Aloha Sundays! — Mary D.

imgThe Kalua Pig is amazingly delicious – so moist and tender with the most delicious of flavors – a true finger-licker. Double-orders of this are a great idea as everyone will try to snag "just one bite." :) Teriyaki beef combines exactly the right balance of sweet, tangy, and savory without being messy – wonderful finger food-able. The golden brown panko breaded chicken katsu is delicious; no greasiness like some other restaurants; this katsu is wow! The local rockfish lau lau wrapped in collard greens as an homage to the traditional Te-leaves-arrangement, surrounded in charcoal briquettes, and steamed is to die for – absolutely delicious, heavenly, subtle buttery white meat, delicate, moist and falls apart in the mouth! Do not pass up the collard greens either, they are not to be passed up, or treated as a garnish – they retain a great deal of flavor! The shoyu poke is amazing; a spicy treat with a bit of heat on it that is amazing by itself or with a bit of white rice to become make-your-own-sushi-fun-time with every bite. The lomi salmon was just WOW!!! With just a few white onions in there for textural diversity and a clean, crisp taste, the addition was genius – not overpowering at all and visually capturing! The fresh orange-pink marbled hue of the salmon contrasted with the dark black soy sauce and kidney red of the shoyu poke make the dishes pop! Especially with the fresh cilantro, green onions, garlic, peppered in; it's like eating art that teases and makes love to your tongue with every bite. While the sashimi poke and lomi salmon are top-grade sushi, they are so versatile they somehow ride perfectly at home on white rice and mac salad – being perfectly content and comfortable atop a paper plate with chop-sticks plate-lunch style or atop a beautiful japanese cobalt-blue and black glazed serving plate. — Bryan F.

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About Chef Robert Alcain

My true passion is cooking, whether for customers at my restaurant or for friends and family. Families are not only our kin but also the families we make…with our friends, neighbors, and community. I've been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years…doing everything from busser to executive chef.


Modern Hawaiian cuisine is a fusion of many cuisines brought by multiethnic immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands, particularly of American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese origins, including plant and animal food sources imported from around the world for agricultural use in Hawaii.

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